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JoliJoco Publishing JoliJoco - Fighting Fatigue and Sleepiness Fighting Fatigue and Sleepiness

This book, which was a collaborative effort by international experts from Australia, USA, Canada and the UK has succinctly described the common reasons for sleepiness and the common reasons for fatigue. There are clear descriptions of common causes and a wealth of practical management advice for patients in a highly illustrated, well-informed way. The tips for CPAP users and the benefits of treatment with CPAP as tables provide an enormous boon to a quick reading on this issue. Tables about different drugs for periodic leg movements or narcolepsy help with understanding the differences between different treatment options. There is imbedded in the text considerable humour, for example a 17th century poem about snoring, and other little vignettes which help to clarify the practical clinical approach that can make a difference between continuing on a sleepy or fatigued path compared to recovering from sleepiness and fatigue.

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